Data Recycling


Integrated Circuit is a independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the consequences of irresponsible data waste and atmospheric pollution, and advocating discussion and possible solutions such as data reuse and recycling.

This website aims to explain some of the problems of persistent data creation and provides simple solutions we can all use to make our data use sustainable.

Latest Atmospheric Data Readings

Measurements are taken daily in the following locations.

Düsseldorf, Germany190.42 kB/m320 Oct @ 11:00
Houston, U.S.A.261.20 kB/m320 Oct @ 10:36
London, U.K.238.33 kB/m320 Oct @ 10:47
Paris, France214.09 kB/m320 Oct @ 10:35
Reykjavik, Iceland47.47 kB/m320 Oct @ 10:35
Tokyo, Japan284.91 kB/m320 Oct @ 10:56